Michele Bachmann Turned Overdrive

Hey Iowa, thank you.  Thank you for the straw poll results that I didn’t even know existed.  Thank you for declaring that MBTO is now the front-runner to go up against our sitting president.  Thank you for reminding me that there is more to you than corn fields and Hawkeyes.  You have launched what is sure to be a crazy storm of off the cuff remarks and anecdotes from the lady with the 5 kids from her husband Ace.  It was amazing to watch her start the spin on Meet the press this past weekend and I can only imagine that it will only get more insane from here forward.  Please make sure that when you hold the primary, since you get to do that because you’re Iowa and a juggernaut of political discourse, that you have a two person debate between Michele and our lady of the other miracle Sarah Palin.  I think you could probably book that on pay per view and sell it to college audiences as a drinking game.  Our sincere thanks, New York (the western part, not the down state city part, I think they think you don’t exist).


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