27 dresses

Awards shows: where people who are paid to pretend for a living award other people for being the best pretenders.  We watch for the entertainment and I know I’m not the first, or last to say that the Oscars last night was less than entertaining.  Never mind that the guy from Pineapple Express (if you ask me who he was) or General Hospital (if you ask my wife who he was) completely sucked as a host.  Never mind that the winners were way too predictable even though I watched a total of zero movies that were nominated (with the exception of Toy Story 3 of course, I do have kids after all).  There was really only one reason to really watch the show: to figure out how many gowns (or in one case, tuxes) Anne Hathaway could wear during the course of a show. 

It reminded me of an otherwise forgettable remake called Bedazzled.  The only reason to ever watch this was to see Elizabeth Hurley (a fine-looking actress even if she was a fembot after all) in various costumes throughout the movie.  It cracked me up that Brendan Frasier’s character never hit on her instead of his infatuation with his coworker but that’s not the point.  The point is, Anne Hathaway pulled that stunt during the Academy Awards and that seemed to be the only thing that kept it interesting.  I Googled the question, how many dresses and received this response: 7, plus 1 pant suit.  Thank you interwebs.


One Response to “27 dresses”

  1. Susan Harf Says:

    Aaron,I see what you mean and probably most guys feel similiarly- I hate to make it a sexist thing but I think most women including me watch it anyway.. I don’t “judge” the “value” of the awards shows.. I just enjoy them- even if sometimes the best part is to see what they’re wearing!

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