4 hours in a chair

Yesterday I sat in a tent for four hours in a chair.  If you know anything about me, you probably wonder how on earth I could have sat in one spot for that long.  I’m still trying to figure that out myself.  We’re at a retreat that includes a number of different things that are a bit complicated to explain at this moment.  A quick summary involves people walking into a building to visit with a person and you are called in the line based on how many times you have been there and if you have seen the person before.  There are a lot of people in each line and the lines are called in an order that is set that morning.  My group was last.  In fact, I think I was the tenth to the last person to go through and so I sat for four hours waiting.

Of course, while you wait, you are asked to meditate and build the energy in the room.  Wether you believe that is possible or not is a debate for another time.  I can tell you that when you walk into the next building you do feel this surge of energy that has been building and it can really throw you for a loop if you aren’t expecting it.  What I found interesting was my mind while I was sitting in the chair that long waiting.

I’ve been known to take long, solo bike rides.  Of course, long is relative.  I call long 50 to 70 miles.  Some would call that a warm up ride, others would call that two weeks of riding.  At any rate, my mind goes through many areas when I’m climbing hills from asking myself why I’m there to scolding myself for something I did when I was 12.  Sitting in the chair was not much different except my brain went a little deeper since I didn’t have to focus on pain (other than my butt from sitting so long) or watch for cars or animals.

I walked from one spot in my mind to the other.  From, what would happen if you just focused on something for longer than an hour to my embarassment from ruining video footage shot back in high school.  Why did my school get rid of a teacher halfway through the school year?  Why didn’t our parents tell us our AWANA leader had spent time in jail?  How many hours do I waste in front of the television and do I really get anything redeemable from reading our local entertainment newspapers?  What if one of the bands I was in actually made it big?  What if I hadn’t waited as long as I did to meet my wife and instead settled for a previous affection?  How will the kids turn out?  Will they go through the same issues that I did or can I somehow save them from that only to push them in an entire different direction that is unfamiliar territory?  If my mind is going to wander, couldn’t it go more places than just three?  I could really use a steak right now. 

And that’s just in the first five minutes.


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