Smashmouth to open for Sinzibukwud

Rochester, NY – In what was called a very strange move, the Rochester Jazz Festival organizers decided to have Smashmouth (national recording/touring act best known for songs such as Walkin’ on the Sun and All Star) open for local group the Sinzibukwud band June 19, 2010 on one of the free stages.  “Look, here’s what happened,” explained festival producer/artist director John Nugent (no relation to Ted as far as you know), “we knew we already had a great band with Sinzibucklehouse, the trick was finding a group that would mesh well with them.  When I heard their new song about parking and karma and stuff, I thought, you know who could compliment that, those boys who sang “I’m a believer” on Shrek.”

“We’re totally stoked about this gig!  You think this tattoo on my arm is random?”  Paul DeLisle from Smashmouth commented in a recent phone interview, “It’s the cover art from Thomas Devon Chamberlain’s CD he did before Sinzibukwud got rolling.  I just hope they still play stuff off that platter.”  Paul explained he’s been following Tom’s career since his early days in Prongwater.  “I liked the name of that band for some reason.  Pass me that lighter?”

The members of Sinzibukwud were happy to hear a choice was made for an opener.  “Yeah, I remember those guys,” said drummer, Aaron Hunt.  “They used to play their song on the radio at the health club I used back in what, 2000 or 1999 or something.  I’m glad they’re still around.”  Rumors circulated as late as last week that the opener was Mazzy Star or the Jesus and Mary Chain.  “Look, I’m glad they made a decision and that John (Nugent) is giving an up and coming band that was a national act years and years ago with two hits a chance to play for our city,” continued Aaron.  “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find my Sugar Ray CD.”

Closing night of the jazzfest should be a real rocker thanks to these two bands.  With names like Sinzibukwud and Smashmouth, perhaps we should call it JaSSfest.

Happy first day of April.


One Response to “Smashmouth to open for Sinzibukwud”

  1. Penny Says:

    Oddity of oddities, I know the lead guy from Prongwater!!!!
    Well, knew.

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