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Is that a raisin in your shoe or are you, oh never mind

February 17, 2010

This is a short story, but I need to set the stage for you first.  Yesterday I was at a shoe/foot place (don’t really want to give out the name) to get new inserts for my running shoes (they are useful in avoiding shin splints, sore knees, etc.).  If you need something like that done, you need to make an appointment and they have small rooms where the foot professionals set you up with the correct inserts.  Is that enough background?

 While I was waiting for the person working with me to build some new inserts, I happened to hear the following conversation from another room where a woman was getting a consultation.  For the purposes of following the conversation, the person will be written as FI (foot issues) and the foot professional as FP because why not.  (I won’t bore you with all the conversation, just the good parts)

FP:  welcome, how can I help you today?

FI:  well, I’ve been doing some research because my feet really hurt when I walk around…

and I’ve had bunions on and off for years, I spent $75 on these shoes and I don’t think I got my money’s worth.

FP:  well, they are decent shoes, but you probably need some inserts

FI:  right, that’s what my friend at the office was telling me, and I did some research about that….

the bunions have really stuck with me.  I’m not sure I want to spend a lot of money.  Oh, and you should know I wear support hose.  My doctor told me to do that so in case I ever burst a blood vessel it will keep the pressure on my legs until I can get help.

FP:  (silence)

FI:  so I guess I’ll pay the consulting fee and you can make me some inserts

FP:  very good. Let’s get these shoes off.

now, let’s take the inserts out that you have in here

um, is this a raisin?

FI:  a raisin?

FP:  yes, it was in your shoe

FI:  are you sure it isn’t a piece of chocolate?

FP:  no, I’m pretty sure that is a raisin

FI:  well I haven’t cooked with raisins since Christmas