first names and contact lists

Lately I ‘ve received an increasing number of phantom calls to my cell phone. Calls where there is only noise at the other end or static. Of course the beauty of caller ID on the phone is that I can tell who it’s from and in almost all cases, it is someone I know.
I get calls from random situations. There will be a call where someone is obviously driving, someone’s child has grabbed their phone, or they are at a bar or some other public place. Why does this happen? My guess is, my name. It’s tough to get ahead of me in the alphabet if you have me in your contacts list by first name. So somehow a few bumps with the phone in the pocket or made by a child who grabbed the phone and there I am saying “hello? hello?”
You would think with this type of exposure, I’d get some more interesting calls. Since most of these come from people I know, I can thankfully say that is not the case. While I don’t mind hearing bar conversations, I certainly don’t need to hear you brushing your teeth or vacuuming the rug.
The worst offender (not really offender, but let’s go with that word) is my sister-in-law. Actually, it’s not her as much as it is her kids. I think they grab her phone and then make some calls. It’s too bad the youngest (who I assume is the culprit) doesn’t realize what she’s doing, we could have a fine chat during one of my work meetings. I’ll just say that it’s good we are on the same network or her cell bill would look rather funny with calls to me that she never recalled making.
The best phantom call came from one of my friends while I was away on a retreat. He and his wife were actually in the delivery room when he bumped his phone and wound up leaving me a three-minute message where I heard a new-born (and I do mean, brand new) crying, him asking if it was a boy or girl, and other assorted delivery room noises. Now that is a cool call to get, even if you do have to check voice mail while standing on a rock in the middle of nowhere dressed entirely in white.


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