soothing sound of waves with a 20 MPH wind

Solitude is sort of manufactured when you have people living in the same house.  It’s not easy to focus on writing a paragraph of your own thoughts while being asked how to spell “band-aid, cover, and blood” for a children’s story getting written by a child.  I can only imagine what that story is going to be about.  The funny thing is when I turn my head slightly to the right, I can see the waves crashing against the rocks along Lake Ontario.  We borrowed a cottage for Columbus Day weekend and while it is way too cold this time of year to enjoy being in the water, it is still fun to watch it.  Waves are very soothing which is ironic considering that they really have an amount of force behind them and if I was out there in a canoe, I’d be scrambling for the life jacket.  But I’m sitting inside instead watching the waves and hearing the wind.  The white caps start as far out as I can see.  Plenty of turbulence out there makes the water look dark and angry yet is calms.  I really picked the wrong week to quit drinking.


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