no politics as usual

Earlier today something happened at work that nearly caused a panic in the cubicles.  Someone mentioned politics.  It was a simple mention, “hey, did any of you watch the President’s speech last night?  I heard someone booed about something.”  We all glanced around nervously.  I had an out, “I was practicing last night.”  My colleague thought fast, “I needed to pick up the kids.”  We nodded uncomfortably and then headed back to our little day spots. 

“Calm down,” I told myself, “it was an innocent mistake I’m sure.”  I took a few deep breaths focusing on lowering my heart rate.  I went to Twitter and posted the following:  someone in the office just started discussing politics and we all scrambled for our HR manuals to see if that is allowed.  Okay, it was a joke, but probably not that far off.  When was the last time you discussed politics at work?  Now, there should be a disclaimer to that question, okay a few.  If you work for your parents or in some sort of religious facility, my assumption is you are free to have this discussion because you probably all share similar views.  Some groups of people in larger companies may even discuss politics if they have previously established they are all of the same persuasion.  You do not usually find an open discussion on political topics. 

I work for a large company and do not recall hearing much political discussion leading up to the election last November.  Even now, while the country debates Health Care reform, and the TVs in our lobbies are tuned to CNN and blaring commentary disguised as news, rarely is there a mention.  I don’t hear discussion at the gym, in the locker room or even at the cafeterias.  You hear people talking about their kids, work challenges, how they want to lose weight, etc. but never ever politics. 

Have we become so politically correct that we do not feel we can discuss our economic theories, our political leanings or perhaps even joke about the gaffs of California politicians endorsed by family groups  bragging about their multiple affairs?  I say it’s time we let loose and let people know what we think and believe and I’m going to start now.

First, economics, it is my firm belief that {{{editor’s note: we have removed the author’s commentary on economics not because it was offensive in any way, but because we feel it may have angered a few potential future constituents}}}

Health care:  Isn’t this a fine pickle to decipher.  Let me begin by stating {{{editor’s note: we regret to inform the readers that we have also removed the commentary on Health care on the advice of our attorneys}}}

Term limits:  Politicians could use an injection of reality.  Would it be too much to ask them to take a year off, without pay and require that the work a minimum wage job with no benefits?  Let’s say someone like {{{editor’s note: we’re sort of running out of ways to tell you that we had to edit some more of this, but we did.}}}

Abortion:  {{{editor’s note: we’re not even going to let this part get started}}}

Gun control:  I was born in a small town.  I think everyone there owned a gun, most likely a rifle rather than a handgun since they were all hunters of some sort.  It just seems strange to me that {{{editor’s note: the author’s bodyguards were given this section to review and suggested we pull it as well.}}}

I certainly have more thoughts, but I thought I’d let you digest these for a while before I hit you with more thoughts.  Wow, I feel better.


One Response to “no politics as usual”

  1. Kenle Says:

    And here I thought I was actually going to hear your political views, after all these years. Guess not.


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