Thank you Tony

Dear Tony D,

   I would like to thank you for your hospitality at your restaurant last Saturday.  I often wondered how long I could stand without eating and I think you have allowed me to discover my threshold.  Thanks should go to your two hostesses who I can only assume you have asked to tell people it will be a 45 minute wait.  Because what sensible adult in this city expects to not have to wait up to an hour for pizza.  Now, I understand the restaurant is still fairly new, and we were expecting a wait on a Saturday night during the dinner hour, but perhaps a more honest estimate of one and a half hours would have been better received. 

It was a thrill to watch other patrons head up the stairs to their tables.  An added bonus was watching the hostess come back down those stairs and scan those of us in the crowd.  It was like getting picked to go on a game show.  Will we be next?  I don’t know.  Let’s both look at her, not too desperate, but like we know what we’re doing.  Nope, guess it’s not us this time.  It was a nice touch to have the hostess check the book and tell us there were two groups of four and two groups of two ahead of us.  That gave us the count down.  Okay, there goes one group of four.  One more of those and two twos…wait, there goes a two.  Now one of each.  Of course, we got a little confused when a group of five suddenly entered the mix.  A glance to your reservations restrictions shows those are accepted for parties of five or more.

My almost favorite part of the evening was seeing people come in that obviously knew you and watching them come up to the bar, have some small talk and then somehow find a table.  How did that happen?  My only assumption is they must have gotten there earlier and signed in, then left a shoe with the hostess as a promise of their return.  I’m not sure what that says to make your friends walk around with only one shoe, but whatever works for you to keep them coming.  I’m sure they are far more important as patrons then people you don’t know who tend to dine out and spend money.

What really showed your class though was the move you made at the two hour wait mark.  When it was obvious to us that we were not getting seated in favor of some of your pals, the bartender mentioned to us the following, “Tony would like to offer you each a drink on him since you’re having to wait so long.”  An appeasement gesture of course and I can understand you not wanting to walk to us from two feet away.  We watched the mastery with which you dried  wine glasses one by one, holding them up to the light to make sure they did not have any spots on them.  Perhaps you could have put down the glass and come over and told us that yourself.  Even better, find out what we’ve been drinking and just offer it to us, along with sincere apologies, perhaps some bread or one of your pizzas that are supposedly worth two hours of waiting. 

Of course, that’s just a suggestion from someone who patronizes locally owned restaurants, enjoys time at each and tips the staff very well.  We may not be part of your target audience.  Judging by the comment made to my wife from your friend who I assume was getting our table, I’m guessing we’re a bit too respectful of other people to qualify for seating at your establishment.  Please feel free to continue to do business as you see fit.  I’m sure the local economy is simply grateful to have you be a part of it.  Your presence alone must make Corn Hill Landing that much brighter a spot on the downtown map.

Our meal at 2 Vine was delicious.




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