can you use twitter for an interview

I’ve heard of people doing it, think I’ve at least watched discussions in progress but never tried it myself.  So why not?  Tonight I took the plunge and conducted a live interview on Twitter.  I got to interview a musician which made me think back to my days on WITR hosting Rochester Sessions, a life changing experience in many senses.  That’s a story for another time though.  I thought the best way to show this was to simply give you the transcript and let you see for yourself how something like this could be done provided you are patient and slightly masochistic.  A few things to note so you can follow along easier.  The person being addressed appears as the “@”  person.  So when you see @AaronCU95, that is the band talking to me.  When you see @Sinzibukwud, that is me talking to the band.  If there is no “@” the comment was made to the general Twitter population whoever they may be.  Oh and one other thing, in case you haven’t read by now, you only get 140 characters for each “tweet” so it actually makes for quick interviews.  Or disjointed ones.  Enjoy.

getting ready to interview @sinzibukwud. why am I so nervous. it’s just a rock band after all

@sinzibukwudhello and welcome to the twinterview. let’s start off with an introduction. tell us a little bit about your group

@AaronCU95 not so fast pal, you said yesterday if we agreed to the interview you’d introduce yourself first. i believe the mike is yours

@Sinzibukwud good point, I am a music fan, marketing man, and have no tan. now let’s talk about the band

@AaronCU95 thanks, well we are a four piece group based in Rochester, NY. used to be two then somehow doubled in size yet tripled in age

@Sinzibukwud how do you triple the age of the band by adding two members, are you sure your math is right?

@AaronCU95 well it’s pretty simple really. we went from combined age of 70 to combined age of, hold on, carry the 4…172. one guy is 93

@Sinzibukwud can you explain the where you came up with your name? using 140 characters or less of course

@AaronCU95 no

@Sinzibukwud fair enough, where do you find the inspiration for your songs

@AaronCU95actually, i’d like to answer the previous question instead

@Sinzibukwud go ahead. answer it then i need to head out for a bit and continue this discussion later

@AaronCU95 it means “drawn from the wood” a name we had as a two piece acoustic act. after adding keys and bass we added a “the” and “band”

@Sinzibukwudokay, i’m back. had to take a domestic break for a while. can we continue our interview now?

@AaronCU95 oh; you’re back? how long does it take for you to go to the bathroom anyway.

@Sinzibukwud domestic means i was home, had dinner, did dishes…never mind, i don’t have to explain this to you. lets move on

@Sinzibukwud what is the inspiration for your original songs

@AaronCU95 nothing too incredible, taken from life really. the best stuff is written when you’re down and best sung when you’re up

@Sinzibukwud what about the song, revenge of the meter maid on your CD, was that from personal experience writing tickets?

@AaronCU95 well no, that was from getting tickets.same with waiting in line at the supermarket. but the current group doesn’t play those yet

@Sinzibukwudso how come you’re not playing tonight? it is friday after all, there must be some place to do a show

well some nights are good to stay in you know, plus 1/2 the band is out of town which would make it tough to do a big show

@Sinzibukwud understood. you have a show coming up next week. @RocTwestival care to talk about that?

@AaronCU95 sure, it’s the second one of these @roctwestival events. we played the first one too. this time it’s @bouldercoffee

@AaronCU95the event is raising money for Foodlink during a time that families are needing food more than ever, perfect timing i think

@Sinzibukwud rumor has it you did a decent job at the last @roctwestival too, where else have you been playing

@AaronCU95i’m not interested in talking about that right now. how about we have a quick discussion on the economy and the job market

@Sinzibukwud okay, i try to steer clear of topics like that for obvious reasons, do they tend to work their way into your lyrics?

@AaronCU95 no,the topics change so fast that would be like writing about Madonna or something,next thing you know she’s out of the limelight

@Sinzibukwudright, she’s out of the limelight. so i’ll bite then, what are your thoughts on the economy

@AaronCU95 the economy is tough, the world is rough, we need more money, it’s not really funny. people are mad, politicians are glad

@Sinzibukwud it’s like you were just waiting for me to ask

@AaronCU95 don’t you be trippin’ into the TARP funds I’m dippin’ i need that bonus cash just before I make a dash

@Sinzibukwudokay, i’m getting your mood

@AaronCU95 do you have a job to hobnob with the glob and some guy named Bob who eats corn on the cob. it just makes me want to sob

@Sinzibukwud okay, well I’m looking forward to seeing you at the show next week. will you be freestyle rapping there too?

@AaronCU95anythings is possible. Twestival 2 in Rochester @bouldercoffee see you there. Peace, thanks for the questions

@Sinzibukwud you’re welcome, thanks for the insight.

that was probably one of the strangest band interviews I have ever done

@AaronCU95 I heard that


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