Press Release: Aaron Hunt signed off of waivers

ROCHESTER, February 12, 2009 — There was an interesting turn of events in what has been billed as the most stressful four week vacation ever: Aaron Hunt has been signed off waivers by the very team that released him to the free agency market.  “It’s been an interesting few weeks, I’m not going to lie to you,” stated the rather fit looking Mr. Hunt at his scheduled press conference.  “I needed to really do some work on my resume, my cover letter, my swimming stroke, and get used to bad chairs again.”

The news came as yet another surprise to many, first that a company would hire back someone they released and second that he would entertain the option.  “As I stated in my last conference, it was really just an unfortunate circumstance.  We parted on good terms, I was allowed time to gather my documents and clear my desk, and they offered some help toward free agency.”  Mr. Hunt glanced out at Clinton Avenue with a glint in his eye, “now, if only they could do something about this parking situation, my agent really needed to get that in our signing clause.”

Four weeks is not a long time to be out of work.  Some look at it as a nice break from the stress of everyday.  “Not me,” stated Aaron, “and not many of my former colleagues.  I saw them online networking just like I was.  You may think once someone is out of  a job they just sit and pity themselves.  No one I know was or is like that.”  As the crowd of curious onlookers gathered at the base of Xerox tower in downtown Rochester, Mr. Hunt moved to page two of his notes.  “I’d like to thank the City of Rochester for charging me to take a civil service exam and then not telling me where or when to take it.  I’d like to thank Bill Gates for allowing me to spend three days in an ongoing investigation on why my Vista operating system will not defrag or stop using up all the CPU power with it’s “helpful search” tool.  Finally, I’d like to thank the instructor running the Power Pump class on Thursdays for making my back feel like I carried fourteen drumsets at once.” 

It is reported that his famous chair from his old building may be on its way to the new location along with some other strategic pieces.  “My new manager was very understanding.  I told her I had one of those ergonomic keyboards and a holder for my laptop.  It keeps me from having to sit sideways in meetings and groan every time I move.  I think that just sells itself.  Maybe I can get a keyboard with an “m” that works all the time not just half the time now.”  Aaron moves from his role focused on marketing to small and medium businesses to that of communication and business process reengineering.  “You like that title?”  Hunt quipped “When we put the word “manager” at the end of it, that’s going to look smashing on a business card.  It could be the first title to carry over to the back.  Or perhaps a fold out card is in order.”  When asked what he would be doing, Mr. Hunt was a bit tight lipped.  “Well, there are a number of internal programs that help our sales teams sell equipment and services.  I can’t go into much detail, but lets just say they needed help with a number of rewrites, design, ease of use, and felt I’d be the one that could get the job done.”

As the smokers chatting around the base of the tower finished their breaks, it was time to wrap up the conference with a few final thoughts.  “For those that wonder if I will still “tweet” the answer is yes.  In fact, I actually have to leave early today to work on the Twestival here in Rochester.  My band you may know, is playing and I organized the music for the event.  I still plan to involve social media in what I do.  I think it would be very interesting to be able to engage our direct sales team in ongoing discussions with us here at headquarters and them with each other.  Perhaps we can do our small part to change the world.  Or at least the way we do business in this world.”  One final thought was thrown out.  “You know, I beat Manny.  Last I checked, he still is unemployed.  I’ll bet he’s wishing he had my agent instead of that Boras guy.  Just sayin’.”

For more information on Aaron Hunt, you can follow his twitter feed ( or reach him via email


3 Responses to “Press Release: Aaron Hunt signed off of waivers”

  1. Diego Says:

    This is great news!! Welcome to downtown. Let me know when you have settled and we should talk. I am in the 24th floor.


  2. Kris Rzepkowski Says:

    Brilliant! It was nice to meet you last night at the Twestival. Congrats on the Free Agent signing. Civil service exam? Are you serious?

  3. Ryan Says:

    Great blog Aaron! I now have a better understanding of you and baseball.

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