Interview prep

I’ve been having an ongoing debate with myself and a few others regarding an interview tomorrow.  I have the opportunity to interview for a position back in the company that let me go two weeks to the day tomorrow.  It looks like an interesting position working on a project that I have some experience in.  The group is a good group looking to move forward.  Yet, this is still a company, like many others right now, struggling to move ahead in this economy.  Now this may be a moot debating point because no one has made offers and I’m sure there are many, many strong candidates.  However, interesting arguments rage in my head. 

If I knew my job was going to be eliminated, would I have sought out a position like this one?  Sure.  I’m a strong candidate with a lot to offer.  If I knew my job was not going to be eliminated, would I have sought it out?  Probably not since I had only been in the position for a year and we were heading into this year with a number of projects ready to roll.  Of course, that is no longer the case is it. 

Some have suggested that going back to a company that “dumped” you is rather dumb (I’m paraphrasing).  It’s not like an ex-girlfriend though.  You know, the one that wants to “see other people” then sees this one guy for a week and decides, “jeez, I had things pretty good and never realized it” then comes back and wants to re-spark.  I see you nodding your head.  We’ve all been there (okay, maybe you have to use boyfriend instead of girlfriend, but you get the picture).  I argue it was not a dumping.  Someone was given a number, whether it was heads, budget dollars, it doesn’t matter.  A number needed to be met.  I was on the wrong side of the equation. 

Before my PR team gets mad at me, I should note that this was written without their approval.  I’m sure they could have crafted a nice quote filled sheet and schedule a conference, but this will have to do for now.  Here is what I know, I like working, I work hard, I can be a valuable asset to a company.  If that company is the same one I have spent 10 years with already, then that’s just fine with me.  If not, I’m sure there is another one out there that could use someone with quick whit, business sense, and a good back beat. 

And if none of that shall come to pass, I’ll be forced to start my own venture.  Let’s just say it won’t be a modeling career.


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