Where to begin…the network juggling act

It has been an interesting few days and the news filters out through the channels of my new free agency.  Well wishers appeared on twitter, facebook, gmail, and at a watering hole or two (where you expect it after all).  Yesterday, I broke the news to my parents who happened to be visiting by bringing up this blog site and letting them read the press release.  The first comment was on a grammatical error.  The second was to tell me a story about one of the times my mother was let go from her job.  Interesting priorities they showed with those comments. 

Friday was spent doing some research and reviewing the resume.  One of the advantages of my time at Xerox was the opportunity to move every year or two to a new position giving me a wide variety of experiences.  The challenge is the resume is heavily weighted on one company.  Of course, that also shows loyalty, focus, motivation, all things someone would want to see in a prospect.

So what’s next? Organization.  Time to make handwritten priority lists (I have forgotten how to do this with the ease of software).  Time to schedule my day like I normally would with a gym break to clear the head (I already joined a new one), and webinars since I can finally attend those on a regular basis again.  I wonder how I can get back on the lists of all those people offering them…

I’m also going to need to get a laptop.  I can already see the challenge of one computer in the house.  We just put a TV in the room where the PC is.  The plan was to use that (LCD TV) as a monitor/TV, but I am still working out the bugs on how to hook it up.  Let’s just say I had to delay this posting thanks to the Steelers playing on a screen to my immediate right.

So what are you doing?  How are you performing the juggling act?  Are you taking some time off, or jumping right back in.  And for those of you who are working, do you remember the last time you weren’t?  You can skip the just got out of college phase if you like.  What were your key methods to moving on?


One Response to “Where to begin…the network juggling act”

  1. Chad Armstrong Says:

    I’m a software engineer, so I have been catching up on all the technology that I should know but don’t. Literally studying for the last month. Doing projects that test that knowledge, and really spending a lot of time filling the gaps in what I didn’t have time to amongst tight deadlines at work. It’s actually been nice- sure it’s taken some perseverance, since the weather has been really nice here, but each hour spent is going to make me look that much more attractive in interviews. I keep telling myself I can relax when I finally land a job.. yeah right 😉

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