Press Release: Aaron Hunt files for Free Agency

ROCHESTER, January 15, 2009  —  In what was a surprise move to some, a forgone conclusion to others, Aaron Hunt entered the free agent market following a solid 10 plus years with the same team.  The press conference, held at the west entrance of the Jefferson Road location where Aaron had spend the last 3 years, was held outdoors in spite of bitterly cold temperatures.  “I like to see my breath in the air when I speak,” said Hunt after the conference, “It makes me feel alive.”  Reading from a prepared statement, Hunt thanked a number of people and tried to summarize the situation.

“I would first like to thank my manager and his manager for treating me with respect at this time since I know this is difficult for them too.  I know they did all they could to try to prevent this.”  Xerox (NYSE:XRX) had announced months ago that it was going to need to make a few changes and take the team in a new direction.  “I am thankful that this company gave me an opportunity over 11 years ago to offer me a contract to assist customers over the phone with their small copiers.”

“You know, I was going to be a famous radio DJ.”  The comment brought a few chuckles from the audience (mostly shivering people out for the pre lunch cigarettes).  “I worked at a station and supplemented my income doing order entry at one company, outbound telemarketing and face to face sales at another, and cleaning houses post construction for still another.  I’ll tell you what, I sure don’t miss Ramen noodles.”

Aaron’s career spanned a number of areas in the company from his start in customer service, through his time as a team manager.  It was a change from customer service to marketing that created a shift in his career path.  “I went from trying to meet my goal numbers and those of my team to analyzing sales numbers and developing new programs for a sales organization.”  At this time, the company was also investing in his knowledge by funding work toward an MBA.  “That really is quite a benefit.  A company giving you the flexibility to work toward another degree and paying for it at the same time…well let’s just say it was certainly nice not having to worry about student loans again.”

In the fall of 2005, Aaron moved from the sales organization to the business group focused on office products.  “It was time for a change, after 3 years I wanted to experience something different.”  He managed the Yellow Pages advertising program, a direct mail program and outbound telemarketing.  “It was the trifecta of marketing in a way.  Think about this, you get to focus on advertising both on-line and hard-copy, develop direct mail pieces that are designed with 1:1 elements, and you are training, developing scripts, and critiquing representatives doing outbound telemarketing.  All that in one job.” 

Aaron’s final move came a year ago when he shifted from direct marketing to focus on small and medium businesses.  “Even before the economy took a nose dive, we were focused on the growing marketing of small business.  I was working to communicate with those businesses and develop packages that could help them be more successful.”  Hunt used social media to tap into some of the areas that were not collected by the research team.  “There is only so much information you can get out of MDM studies.  Let’s not forget, like polls, they are only able to interview so many people.  Lots of companies out there have different needs, we just need to start talking with them more.”  His work on Spiceworks was sited as a positive step into community involvement.  “Spiceworks is a terrific application for small and medium businesses.  It is free for users because companies like ours advertise there.  We took a risk in trying out building a community on the site, but I think we’re making progress.”

So, what’s next for Aaron as he leaves the building?  “Well, my agent has been fielding a few calls.  He wants to make sure we have a good fit.  It may be time to go to a smaller market team.  This is sort of like being a member of the Dodgers.  It is a large organization with many fans and good resources.  Compare that to a team like the Pirates.  They have the right ideas and a great facility, but need someone to help them go that extra step.  That someone is me.”

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