do you multitask?

I think there are appropriate times to multitask and non appropriate.  I think if you’ve read my stuff, you know my position on texting while using the bathroom so I do not need to go there.  I’m sitting here now typing this while listening to Bill Simmons and Chris Collinsworth talk in my ear (it’s a recording, I don’t have them on a conference call or anything) and watching the Giants/Panthers football game.  How will this wow, that was quite a play, now the giants are going to have to punt, change my writing, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Chris made a good point just there about Terrell Owens.  You know, when we’re all working, the current meeting theme is conference calls.  Even when people are in the same building, you’ll find them on conference calls.  Snow on the field in East Rutherford.  Why do they stay in their offices?  Because then they can “multi-task.”  What does that mean?  It means they’ll be reading their email, IMing other people, checking slides for their next meeting and then greeting you with “I’m sorry, could you repeat the question?”  Halftime. 

Earlier today, I had the day games on, Neil Young and Phish trading spots in the CD player and the kids and I were making those paper ring chains to decorate their trees.  I did fine paying attention there.  I think Adrian Peterson is great too, Chris.  The verdict is still out on Matt Ryan.  You know what’s really bad?  Having a meeting with just one person and getting distracted.  You know it’s one thing when you’re on a call with a bunch of people.  Okay, this is a bit surreal, I forgot Chris Collinsworth was on the NBC halftime crew so I’m watching him talk to Bob Costas and still listening to him talk to B.S. (it’s a long podcast).  I’ve been on calls with one other person and found myself wandering as well as them.  I think we need webcams.  Not because I want to show what shirt I’m wearing every day, but I think that if we can see each other, we might pay a little more attention.  Do you think that argument will work when I bring this up to the people responsible for laptop upgrades?

Okay, let’s rap up.  I haven’t listened to the B.S. Report in a while, I used to be a regular.  I think it’s time to start listening again.  Did I miss Keith Oberman and Dan Patrick making up?  Didn’t they have a nasty breakup when Keith left ESPN where Dan got the house but Keith got the furniture?  Jerome Bettis is from Detroit?  I don’t think it is possible to multitask.  In fact, I believe I read an article that someone promoted on Twitter once that said it couldn’t be done, but don’t remember who wrote it or where I saw it.  Could be I was on a call at the time.  That tends to happen.  First Down!


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