so what is wrong with your bed

we have two kids.  I’m not going to post their pictures, but you can assume they are small and cute.  My son seems to have an issue with going to bed.  I realize I’m not alone with this problem, when I explain it to other parents, I get that slow nod of acknowledgement as I tell my story.  Every night it’s the same drill.  Pajamas on, brush teeth, good night to his older sister and we settle in for stories.  The stories can range from 2 to 4 in total, I’ve addresses my own challenges with stories in a previous post.  Pull up the blankets, kiss good night, turn off the light, and leave the room.  Anywhere between five and ten minutes, we’ll hear the click of his pacifiers and his little feet leaving the room.  For a while he would go into his sister’s room and set up his blankets on the floor.  She would proceed to sleep away like nothing was happening.  We could probably play a game of memory in there with all the lights on and she wouldn’t stir.  His latest is to either go into our bedroom, or come down the stairs to see what we’re watching on TV.  On a night like tonight (we’re on the fourth visit already) this isn’t a big deal.  I just get up, pick him up, find out what he needs–hug, milk, lost book, lost pacifier, say goodnight to the moon–and tuck him back in.  If we’re in the middle of watching a show or movie though, it’s up and down the stairs many, many, many times.  If you’re a reader you know I take care of my cardio elsewhere and don’t need the extra stair trips.  We have a little area in our room that is under a window where he likes to curl up.  When he’s sneaky and we don’t hear him (or the TV is too loud), he’ll bring a blanket and curl up there where we’ll find him sound asleep and then move him back to his bed. 

Since I’m a bit analytical, I ask him what’s wrong to see if it’s the bed, room, lighting, he of course can only tell me the basics which is usually “no” to every question.  Last week he climbed into our bed around 3 AM and after getting kicked by little feet for 30 minutes I decided to do a field test and moved myself to his bed leaving him in my spot on the big bed.  He has a twin bed since he is rather small and I found it rather comfortable.  I’m not really sure what his problem is with it.  Okay, it’s a bit short, my feet hang off the bed, and the wall on one side and the mesh thing that keeps kids from falling out of bed on the other (I don’t know what that’s called) can be a bit claustrophobic, but other than that it seems perfectly fine.  Sure, it’s between two windows that let the light in from our neighbor’s garage, but that doesn’t bother you if your eyes are closed.  There do seem to be some odd shadows in here that can move a little.  What’s the creaking sound?  Is that the closet opening?  Why does Elmo keep staring at me like that?  He just sits there staring, never blinking, mouth agape in that pseudo smile.  Maybe I should go crawl into the big bed too.  At least I’m familiar with all the spookiness in there.  Jerry smiling from his spot on the floor because I still have not hung the painting, the PC humming away as Vista installs yet another five updates before shutting down.  Yeah, sometimes I wonder if night drives me a little crazy.  Well, off to bed.


3 Responses to “so what is wrong with your bed”

  1. Dublin To Rochester Says:

    Your kid still uses a pacifier? Not that I am passing judgment or anything…

    • afhcu95 Says:

      actually he uses two. Only for nap and bedtime though. He holds one and uses the other. I don’t know why. If he’s wearing feety pajamas sometimes he’ll put the extra in the pajamas then walk in with it all the way down to his ankle.

  2. David Hobbie Says:

    Yikes. You may be setting yourself up for some problems letting him kick you out of bed. Of course he’d rather sleep in a bed warmed by his parents.

    We had sleep issues for a while with my daughter. What worked, surprisingly, was a tactic promoted by SuperNanny. You might need to hang around near the door for the first few nights. The first time he tries to leave you pick him up and put him back in his bed, saying simply “It’s time to go to sleep” and avoiding any questions. The next X times he leaves (and the number will drop dramatically after a while), simply pick him up and put him back in the room, *without talking to him, answering questions, or providing positive or negative feedback at all*. Without any “reward” for sneaking out, he should stop doing it. The first night, I did this like 8-10 times, then 5-6, then about 2, then none.

    N.B. I say this yet I “let” our daughter leave her bed and sleep on the living room couch every night after we’ve gone to bed.

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