we are better than me

We people.  Chances are you know a we person.  Perhaps you are one yourself.  No, a we person is not someone who is small, well I guess it could be.  A we person is someone who makes the following types of statement.  “I was worried until the second half when we started coming back.”  “We really need to start thinking about the future at quarterback.”  “When we make it to the postseason, you guys are going to be hurting.”  “If we win this game, we’re going to go all the way to the championship.”  The caveat of this is that the people making the statements are not actual team members, they are fans.  Now, I realize that there are these sports “nations” and home crowds are like the sixth, seventh, tenth, twelfth player, but last I checked, none of the we people get paid to play.  This got me wondering when is it okay to be a we.

I think if you are an actual player, that is a given, but what if you are a manager, coach, custodian, front office worker, etc. for a team?  Since your career or job hinges on the success of the team, I could buy the arguement that you could use the term we.  Season ticket holder?  You could argue you help fund the team and pay salaries, but does their success on the court or field hinge on your purchase?  Probably not, and in some cases, you giving up your seats makes someone else from a waiting list happy. 

What if you are an alum?  Can you be a we?  I’m still thinking not really.  Maybe when you were in school, it made more sense, but after you leave, get a job, have 2.5 kids, buy a house, are you still able to claim each victory as your own? 

Help me out here.  I don’t understand the we phenomenon (not the Wii keep in mind).  What is it that makes you refer to your favorite team as “we” when you speak?  I could be convinced it isn’t such a bad thing.  I’m not going to change the fact I won’t say we, but I’ll stop cringing so much when someone else does.  Now if you’ll excuse me, there was a game last night and I need to see how we did.


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