hang in there, it’s almost over

With the election two days away and counting down, and the race to spend as much money as possible on campaigns while the country slumps into a recession and company after company announces job cuts finishing, it’s past time to think about which way you lean.  Chances are, I can already tell.  As someone who lives in New York (the state, not the city), I’ve been told for years that my presidential vote is inconsequential.  After all, for the highest office in the land, we still can’t trust the people to choose by popular vote, we need the antiquated Electoral College process to keep us from making huge mistakes.  As you were told growing up, someone always knows better than you.  Don’t forget that.  Our state will always vote the way of the large city in our south eastern tip based on population.  Some years that works out just fine for me so I’m not going to complain (sharp intake of breath from a few can be inserted here).  Isn’t it fun that Iowa and New Hampshire get to decide the primaries (in most campaigns anyway) and lately Ohio and Florida have decided the election?  But, I’m getting distracted here; I was going to tell you how you are going to vote.
If you are a God fearing protestant who grew up in the church, continue to raise a family in the church and may even send the kids to private school, I’m guessing you’re leaning toward McCain/Palin.  It’s not your fault; it’s how you were raised.  You are told to focus on one of two key issues and let that be it.  That used to be the death penalty and protection of Israel.  Now it is abortion and gay marriage.

If you attended an Ivy League university as an undergrad and partied with the best of them while taking classes that opened your mind to the suffering of Native Americans and gave you an appreciation for fine wine, I’m guessing you’re leaning toward Obama/Biden.  It’s not your fault; it’s how you were taught.  You were told that everyone deserves an equal chance no matter their color, religious philosophy or background as long as they weren’t Republican.

The interesting thing is that becomes a very narrow view.  Some of the larger influential organizations and yes, media outlets pick the side that agrees with their views.  The republican nominee is always going to have the religious right and the democratic nominee will always have the outspoken actors, media anchors and so on.  I know I’m not alone in thinking there has to be more to a candidate than their view on a woman’s right to chose, when life begins, whether or not same sex couples should be allowed to live together, and how many campaign contributions they can take blindly not truly knowing who is really funding their run for the white house.  This election has moved from a focus on the war to not being Bush to a response to the sinking economy.  I like that there are answers being given to these questions, I’m still rather shaky on who is going to pay for everything.  Could the dollars raised by the candidates in one week alone have helped people who are or will lose jobs?  Did we really need to bail out financial institutions who took huge risks loaning money assuming they would be long gone by the time things turned and bit them in the butt? 

See that?  I let myself get distracted again.  My main point is to stop for a second and think.  Move outside of your comfort zone.  Look outside of the area you were raised, move beyond the way you were told to think in college, step out of where you are now.  Are you scared yet?  I am.  I don’t know who to believe, trust, listen to, or support.  Great ideas are great ideas on the surface.  Once you scratch a little bit and discover there is either a hidden agenda or even worse, no clue of an agenda of how to accomplish said idea, you begin to wonder if there is substance after all.  There is hate now too.  Footage of rallies have passionate booing, speakers botching the forced lines, writers creating frenzies in the crowds, and for what?  So that two undecided retirees in Florida will say, “Damn, they’re right, the other guy is scary.  If I could see straight, I’d go vote.”

My hope is that the election will be clean, over on Tuesday with no extra days needed.  I wish for there to be gracious celebrations and respectful concessions.  I worry that the rousing of the masses may create a reaction to the outcome on either side that will only make things worth.  It’s almost over and if your person loses, it’s only another four years after all.  Just like Bush.  Wait, has he really been in for eight?  Damn!





One Response to “hang in there, it’s almost over”

  1. Dublin to Rochester Says:

    Interesting comment about life’s influences and where one’s political thoughts lay. A of people talk abut personality types, life outlook, etc as an indicator to your political belief system. I wonder of their are any studies that support that theory.

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