Next time let me change the channel

Want a fun way to start your week?  How about a visit to the dentist?  Even better, how about a visit to the dentist, where they have a TV for patients and don’t ask if you’d like a particular channel?  What?  Not good enough?  Okay, I’ll go further.  The hygenist asks you lame questions while Matt Lauer is doing the same to Elton John.  Or, how about during the opening “monologue” if you can call it that of Regis and Kelly, the dentist, not the normal one I see since she was in the office but not seeing patients, comes in and is talking to the hygenist in code.  “Okay, 15, 16?” “No, 14, 15.” “Got it, and what about 26?  Is that an RL?” “No, that is a PL, but 13 is an RL” “13?” “Right, but he should probably get 1, 16, 17 and 32 all removed.”  “You mean where there is a RWT?” “Yes, I think so.  Now, what does he have on 5, is that a QS?”  Whatever happened to bicuspid, K9, wisdom…

Basically I sat there with my mouth wide open while these two decided the fate of my teeth, jaw, and financial stability all while Regis was explaining something about why he doesn’t like a dish Kelly cooks.  Who cares!  Then I was asked if I had any questions.  Well yes, actually I do.  Where the hell is my normal dentist and why can’t I talk to her about this plan you now have to start paying for your child’s college education courtesy of my mouth.  Not that I’m bitter or would harbor resentment, that’s not my style.


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