Pants required

If you are a Twitter follower, or Facebook user or should I say addict to either of those, then you may know I’ve been working from home the last few days.  In fact, I’ve been at my house since last Friday evening with the exception of a few trips to the store, daycare, the cobbler (that’s shoe repair for you kids out there), and the cleaner.  That may seem like a lot of trips, but it’s really all within 3 miles.  See, I’m limiting my carbon footprint.  Monday was a vacation day (except for a conference call and the hour of prep time for the call) and tomorrow is a vacation day (no conference call and hopefully no prep time) so yesterday and today were spent at my table, laptop in front of me, phone to the left, bluetooth in my ear, my local artist working away, and me going stir crazy.  Look, I’ve always had a problem sitting still.  Ironic considering my kids can’t either and it drives me crazy.  That’s part of the reason I became a drummer.  Well, part of the reason my parents suggested I take up the drums is a more accurate statement.  I have found that a daily work out (thankfully, my work place has a gym in the building) during the week allows me to focus in the morning prior to going and in the afternoon post shower.  These last few days, no such luck.  So if you have been on the phone with me on a conference call, my apologies.  In my defense, at least I was wearing pants.

Pants are the one thing essential to working at home.  Look, there are a number of advantages to working at home.  You can be there when a fence gets installed, if you need the washer repaired, or if you are having a bad hair day.  One of the things people always brag about with working remote is “I can be on a conference call in my pajamas and no one knows” which in some cases is more of a visual than anyone needed.  To use a Tim McCarver phrase, “I believe” that sometimes the clothes do make the man.  (Okay, see that?  I mixed Tim McCarver with George Michael and didn’t bat an eye.  You’re welcome.)  Think about the attitude you have walking into an interview in a fantastic looking suit versus jeans and a “who farted” t-shirt.  (Yet another side note, I am male and am writing this from the male perspective.  For the women reading this, please feel free to insert your power outfit of choice here.  Thank you.)  Now think about the frame of mind you are in when wearing dress pants versus cargo shorts.  Feel anything?  That’s the nodding of your head as you start to grasp the concept.  Now let’s not get too crazy.  I think a good pair of jeans works just fine along with a clean shirt.  In fact, today, just as a test, I went with cargo pants and a long sleeved T-shirt.  That’s when I realized I needed to get outside of my head before I find myself pontificating on a wardrobe choice for the stay at home worker what is wrong with me. 

Sorry about that, needed to regroup for a second.  My point takes me back to our dress code at the call center back in the late 90’s.  The thought was you acted more professional when you were dressed more professional.  There was a reason more complaints surfaced on Fridays (jeans day) when employees were more relaxed (never mind it was day 5 of the week getting customer service calls).  I seemed to manage to take Halloween off after the first year of bunnies, wenches, star wars people, turtles, all showing up and taking calls.  What a joke that was.  So if you’re like me, I’m sorry.  But if you’re like me, you need to wear pants to truly be working.  I may not be wearing a shirt, but that really isn’t any of your business now is it.


One Response to “Pants required”

  1. Venkat Says:

    Nice point. Reminds me of this WWII era story in Reader’s Digest long ago, of a doctor in a major air-raid/bombing zone. All the other doctors dressed scruffily and barely kept up. But this one guy made sure he somehow shaved and wore clean, ironed clothes and a tie everyday. Initially the other doctors scoffed at him as being incapable of surviving in a war zone, but eventually they realized he was actually doing better than them, in terms of staying positive and doing more for the patients.

    Not quite as funny as yours, but you may like my musings on what I call cloudworkers.

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