growing up is not easy

Friday was a tough day.  Not for me, I got to leave work early for an employee event where we had some food, then went to a bowling alley for goofiness.  I’m not much into the work social scene in spite of the fact that I pilfered two work friends to play in my current band and ask work associates to come see us play.  It may be two faced, but I tend to look at it as two sided which makes it feel better.  By the way, my strike that I bowled left handed I credit to my drumming.  You learn to do things with both hands (don’t think too hard about that) and your feet.  I laugh when my son picks up things with his feet and looks at me waiting for a “good job” which I say since that’s what I do.  Hey, it beats bending over to get that sock, pen, piece of paper, small rodent, etc. off the floor.

No Friday was tough for my daughter.  Her school only does half day kindergarten (why can I never feel confident spelling that word) and some days she comes home, some days she goes to day care.  It seems she was on the wrong bus and come home that day.  Thankfully our school system has fantastic bus drivers who know what they are doing and care about the kids so when no one was there to greet the bus, she was taken back to school.  (Today was the first day I got her off that bus and the driver asked her if I was her father.  I thought that was fantastic.)  She got on another bus which took her to her correct spot and then the phone calls started.  In the end, the center got three calls, one from the school, one from my wife and one from me.  Apparently she has quite a following.

But that’s not why growing up is not easy.  Somewhere along the line, she left her jacket on the bus.  Of course she didn’t realize this until I picked her up.  Then the face went through the stages from happy to be heading home to realizing the jacket was missing to panic that it was left on the bus to tears that it was gone forever.  Fun parenting time: do you sympathise and say right away that you’ll do everything in your power to hunt down the jacket and get it back or do you say, “tough luck kid, you win some, you lose some”?  Okay, I’m a bit cold some times, but not that bad.  I said I would check with the buses Monday and if we couldn’t find the jacket, we would just buy a new one.  “But I love that one, it was my coat” lip quivering, eyes tearing (hers, not mine, rule 3 of the father application is to remain stoic and non emotional in times of crisis) and she looked at the sky obviously working some quick lyrics in her head.  (This kid comes up with songs at the drop of a hat, usually when she feels she’s been “done wrong” for example “why does this always happen to me, why must things always just be, how come I’m here sitting in my room, when I could be using a broom”)

This morning the detective work started with a call to the bus garage.  The dispatcher radioed all three buses to check if they had a missing coat from Friday (again, maybe I’m way out of the loop, but is that cool or what?).  The answer was no (okay not that cool).  A note to the teacher came back with a “nothing in the lost and found” answer.  So now we’re out a jacket.  Sad?  Yes.  End of the world?  Not really, after all have you seen the economy lately?  Which brings me to my point.  Can we afford to bail out a 5 year old for leaving her jacket on the bus?  Are the tax payers willing to fund another mistake?  Haven’t we had enough of these 5 year old fat cats leaving things on the bus so that we, the tax payers have to buy them new things while the “lost and found” committee keeps all those forgotten garments to craft some sort of fleece parachute by somehow connecting all the zippers and adding lines and a harness?  When will we say enough is enough? 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Dora the Explorer is on and I never miss an episode.  Swiper No Swiping!!!


2 Responses to “growing up is not easy”

  1. Mike Harmon Says:

    Hi. I read a few of your other posts and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?

  2. Aaron Says:

    If I can figure out how to use the blogroll, that’s not a bad idea. I have a few other sites I should add as well.

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