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Don’t kick the hand that’s cleaning your butt

September 4, 2007

Okay, I should explain that title a bit I imagine. I have a couple kids. The youngest is still in diapers and has this habit of being a difficult change, especially when there are solids involved. It seems absurd to me. I’m sure there are people rich enough to get things like that done for them. They probably never even have to reach for the paper. I wouldn’t mind having a bidet or even one of those toilets like they have at the Mitsui Garden Hotel in Japan where I spent a fortnight (yeah, Queen’s English) where the plumbing is built right in. They probably knew they’d have people there who weren’t used to their food… so my thought is that having someone clean you is a luxury and why on earth would you kick and try to roll around while it was happening. Perhaps that says more about me than my kid.

So that’s really the reason that I had to give up the music biz or at least the infinitesimally small section of it that I had the privilege of joining. Kids. When my wife was pregnant with our first, one of my bands was still going strong. We played most weekends and traveled to far of lands like Williamsport, PA and New York, NY. The longest trip of my life was a drive to Washington, DC with my wife to attend a wedding. She was newly pregnant, so new she didn’t know it yet. That entire drive (six plus hours) was spent with her asking me what was going to happen to the band. Actually it was more along the lines of what was I going to do about the band, if I thought I was going to keep playing and leave her home with kids, I needed to rethink things. It was a needed conversation; I had just been trying my best to avoid it.

So I’m out and all there are now are the stories. Of course, now that I’m home on weekends and own a house, I have to do things like go to Home Depot and buy lawn mower motor oil and fun things like that. Tell me why it is so hard to buy a shed? We have a one car garage that is full of get this, a car! That may seem obvious, but we were one of the few people on the street who actually park our car in a garage. Most other houses have 2 car garages, but they are full of stuff. So I need a shed for my stuff: lawn mower, gasoline, outdoor furniture in the winter, etc. So I went to Home Depot and asked a few employees who were working out in the garden center (near the sheds) if they could tell me about floors, installation, delivery, etc. I got passed off from one to another to another then they said to go online. What ever happened to hiring someone in a department that knows what they are talking about? I was directed at one point to the contractors desk. As I approached the desk, the person behind the counter suddenly started working feverishly on the computer. I waited for at least a nod or “be right with you”, nothing. As soon as I turned and walked away, he was off the computer and quickly walking in the opposite direction. Doesn’t anyone want to sell anything any more? To come back to the title, don’t kick the hand that’s helping to pay your salary. It’s not like I had a question about where to get a nut to match a bolt.