An argument with myself

I had an argument with myself last night that went something like this…

So, what’s going on with your little blog attempt?

Huh? Oh, nothing really, I can’t get any time on the computer.

Are you kidding, didn’t you spend all day working from home today?

Yeah, but I was working, I can’t do my blog while I’m on the clock. Besides, that is my work computer, this is the home computer.

Okay, so what about the time you were on the home computer?

I was busy reading Page 2 and checking out the latest doping charges on the tour.

So you didn’t do anything to the blog at all. What about all those thoughts and promises about telling stories about road trips and waxing philosophical about child rearing and such?

Well, I’ve been sick too. I lost 6 pounds, man. It’s not a good thing going on here.

Excuses coming again, how about a little less time with the excuse and a little more writing time.

I’ll think it over. Now shut it so I can get some sleep before the kids wake me up.


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