It’s short, almost lost my pinky back there…

Here it is, time to build a better drumset. I’m worried about my typing skills tonight since I closed my pinky in a taxi cab door last night in Toronto. Nothing fun to do. At least I just hit the tip and the cabbie didn’t drive away with part of my hand. Yesterday I met a transit snob who preferred cabs to the subway in Toronto. I understand the convenience of a cab, but it you have more time than money, it doesn’t hurt to walk a block or two and head underground. The subway cars may smell a bit, but it’s just people.  Also, I didn’t get my hand stuck in the door.

So who am I and why am I here?  I’m a musician trapped in a corporate marketing person’s body.  That is to say that I like to rock and roll, but I’m too old now to drive from club to club in a van with three other dudes and eat fast food.  Besides, my family would miss me.  I’m sure more will come out in future posts, for now, here are some of my favorite places to visit.

Sports Guy, Jim Caple, Jam Base, Gomez

There’s more, but those are the frequents.  Until next time.


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